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Image of LAST WORLD - Time

What do you do when two of your artists come to you asking for something else to get stuck into? You put them together! LASTWORLD is guitarist/multi-instrumentalist/songwriter JIM SHEPARD and vocalist DAVID CAGLE. Their paring was a case of perfect timing, with Jim recently releasing his acclaimed last album 'Jaded' and David Cagle looking to further enhance his vocal reputation after the monster JK Northrup & David Cagle record. Both guys wanted to keep busy, so MRR introduced the pair to see what could happen. Magic it seems - with Jim delivering his best songs and performance to date and David once again delivering a flawless rock vocal showcase. The master of mastering, JK Northrup as always has given the sonics a boost, so fans get to hear the best version of these recordings.

01 - Time
02 - Over the Lie
03 - I Can Only Be Me
04 - Four Leaf Clover
05 - Love Is Just a Matter of Time
06 - Just Another Day
07 - Fallen
08 - Cry
09 - Don't Bother Me
10 - Alive
11 - Walk Away
12 - Don't Say Goodbye