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SILENT TIGER - Ready for Attack

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Silent Tiger is the next exciting chapter in the musical journey of Melodic Rock Records' own Jean Funes, founding member and guitarist of Sound Of Eternity and Hearts On Fire. Together with vocalist David Cagle and Hearts On Fire drummer Joel Mejia, the trio forms Silent Tiger. Says Funes, "This album is going to have the right edge to it, but at the same time plenty of melody and uplifting songs. You will hear elements of Def Leppard, Van Halen, Dokken, Motley Crue, Europe and more, because every one of these bands are a big influence to us, but I think Silent Tiger is very original with it's approach to rock music."

01 - Ready for Attack
02 - Come to Me
03 - Tearing Me Apart
04 - Chasing the Wind
05 - Dream Come True
06 - Only Heartbreak
07 - After the Storm
08 - Start Again
09 - Edge of Love
10 Eyes of Blazing Fire