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WILL THE THRILL - Take It Sleazy


Image of WILL THE THRILL - Take It Sleazy

WILL THE THRILL’s latest release 'Take It Sleazy' is a throwback to the era of over the top guitar work, questionable morals and getting home at 7:00am on a Monday after surviving yet another weekend of “thrills in the night.”
Fronted by burgeoning guitar hero Will Aguilar, WILL THE THRILL delivers melodic hard rock straight from the era of the Sunset Strip: MTV friendly pop metal anthems that stick in your brain for days on end. Produced by Joel Wanasek, whose credits include the likes of Blessthefall, Dope and Machine Head, ‘Take It Sleazy’ combines that 80s pop metal element so many still long for.


01 I Just Want Your Love Tonight
02 Creep
03 S.E.X
04 Ain't Gotta Mean a Thing
05 Push Real Hard
06 Always Be Number 2
07 The More I Lose, the More I Win
08 Lying to Myself
09 I Don't Like Your Shitty Band
10 Running Round in Circles
11 Strangers in the Night
12 Riot