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ALL I KNOW - Vanity Kills (Deluxe Edition)


Image of ALL I KNOW - Vanity Kills (Deluxe Edition)

What happens when 4 young guns from Kortrijk, Belgium go through their parents' record collection ? There are those with bad luck who end up with LP's by Jean-Michel Jarre, Samantha Fox or Nana Mouskouri. The more fortunate ones strike gold and discover classic albums by Def Leppard, Billy Idol, Van Halen or Poison. Back in the eighties these bands were all part of the hard rock wave coming over from the United States. All I Know pick up where these classic bands left off. On their first full length album "Vanity Kills" they wear their influences on their sleeves.

This is a deluxe package, consisting of all of the band's recordings.


01 All Night Long
02 Bad Boy
03 Asphyxia
04 Rain [2010 Beau Hill Remix]
05 Turn Back Time
06 I Need You
07 Into Your Heart
08 I Wanna Rock You
09 Sweet 17
10 Teenage Queen
11 All The Way
12 Hope And Dreams
13 Only You [Compilation Track]
14 Consume Me [Compilation Track]
15 Running Away [Compilation Track]
16 My Time [2008 Outtake]
17 All Night Long [Summer 2007 Demo]
18 I Need You [Summer 2007 Demo]
19 Sweet 17 [Summer 2007 Demo]
20 Asphyxia [Summer 2007 Demo]
21 Make Belief [June 2007 Demo]
22 And Nothing But The Truth [June 2007 Demo]
23 Rain [2008 Original Mix]