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MIGLIORI AMICI & FRIENDS - (best of friends)


Image of MIGLIORI AMICI & FRIENDS - (best of friends)

Melodic instrumental prog rock Ep from a "supergroup" assembled by guitarist Ray DeTone (Paul Dianno's Killers, Drive, She Said, more) and drummer Michael Sciotto (Jefferson Starship, From the Fire, etc). Guests include Mark Clarke (Colosseum, Billy Squier), Nicky Moroch (Elton John, David Bowie), Adam Holzman (Miles Davis, Steve Wilson), Alex Salzman (Ace Frehley), the late David J Keyes (Renaissance, Willy DeVille), Dave Trupia (Marty Balin), and Ralph Merigliano (Ross The Boss).

Track Listing:

01 - Sick Shit
02 - Glasgow Reel
03 - Sun
04 - Arctic Drift
05 - Shattered Glass
06 - Images

RELEASE DATE- 30 September 2022